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What’s in my Bag: Hospital Bag Checklist for Mommy and Daddy

Hospital-Bag-ChecklistHospital Bag Checklist - Clingy Mommy Find out the essentials you need to pack for the hospital

I have shared my hospital essentials for baby in my last post here and will now move on to sharing what we plan to bring for me and my co-pilot a.k.a. hubby.

Things to Pack for Mommy:
Adult Diapers – Yes, not just for the baby, but for me too! I plan to use disposable diapers over my own undies and maternity pads while in the hospital because I don’t want the hassle of bringing home bloody (Sorry TMI!) undies like the last time.  I prefer those that like underwear versus the taped kind so it feels closer to undies.

Going Home Outfit: Nursing bra, underwear, maternity pad and nursing dress – I normally just wear the hospital gown during our whole stay in the hospital andwould only use my own clothes when we are already about to go home.  I am bringing a very loose nursing/maternity dress because I tend to still look very pregnant even weeks after giving birth.

Breastpads – My milk actually came in late after my first childbirth – around 4-5 days after.  And I also did not leak very much.  However, I got a few free disposable breastpads during a baby fair so I will bring some just in case I get blessed with milk earlier this time around.

Abdominal Binder – I used this during my first childbirth and it helped me so much during my C-section recovery. It made made feel my C-section was protected, especially when coughing which can feel quite awkward post-op.

4 Socks – It can get really cold in Cardinal Santos Medical Center, the hospital where I will give birth, so I am bringing socks to keep my feet warm and comfortable.

Rubber Slippers / Flip-flops  – I will bring slippers that can be used for walking around the hospital and even in the hospital’s bathroom.

Nursing Cover – I’m bringing this for when I need to breastfeed my baby and I’m feeling a little shy to go semi-topless – i.e. In front of my hubby’s brothers or friends heehee

Towel and Toiletries – Simply to help me feel (or smell!) like a decent human being.  I’m bringing shampoo, soap, face wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and feminine wash.

Kikay Kit – I know, who’s got time right? haha But I’m still bringing a few products to help look decent for our first family photos together. I’m bringing concealer, powder foundation, blush/bronzer, eyeliner, lipstick, perfume, hair tie and comb.

Here are the hospital must haves for my co-pilot a.k.a. baby daddy.

Things to Pack for Daddy:

4 Sets of Clothes – My husband will stay in the hospital the whole time I am there so we will bring him enough comfortable clothes for his stay as well.

Pillows and a Blanket – The hospital couch will be his bed during his stay there so we will bring him pillows and a blanket to make him a bit more comfortable.

Phone Chargers – My hubby will be in charge of getting in touch with our family and friends during this time so I will pack the gadget chargers together with his things.

Fully Charged Camera – For our first family photos together, yey!

Snacks – Taking care of the newborn baby is going to be 24/7 starting from the hospital so its important to have a loads of snacks handy in case he gets hungry during wee hours of the morning.  We will also bring extra snacks for our daughter for when she visits us in the hospital during daytime.

Whew! That sounds a lot! What about you mommies? What will you bring in your hospital bags?

Check out the must have documents that we will bring to the hospital when I give birth here.

You can also download a printable version of the checklist here: Printable Hospital Bag Checklist

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