What’s in my Bag: Hospital Documents Checklist

What's In My Bag: Hospital Bag Documents Checklist - Clingy Mommy
Hospital Bag Checklist - Clingy Mommy Find out the essentials you need to pack for the hospital

After going through what we will bring for baby, mommy and daddy, let’s go through the documents that I will be packing in my hospital bag.  Keep in mind that these requirements vary per hospital so it will be best to talk to your OB about what documents you will need to bring.

Admission Orders – Since I gave birth through C-Section for my eldest and will most likely have a scheduled C-Section for this pregnancy, I will get my admission orders from my OB during my last check-up prior to giving birth.

Birth Plan – A birth plan is a document that will let my medical team know my preferences for labor and delivery.  Make sure you share and discuss your birth plan with your OB during one of your check ups to ensure that you are aligned on your preferences.

Here is a great link to a birth plan worksheet that you can use in developing your own birth plan: Baby Center Birth Plan

PhilHealth Forms – Member Data Record (MDR) Form and Claim Form 1.  Make sure that part 4 of your Claim Form 1 has been filled out by your employer. Check out how you can easily request for your MDR form online here.

Valid IDs for Mommy and Daddy – I will bring our SSS IDs, Driver’s Licenses, PhilHealth IDs and a copy of our marriage license.

Mother’s Information Sheet – Upon admission to the hospital, you will get asked a lot of questions and you will get asked these questions repeatedly – your personal details, medical history, insurance and many more.  This is where the mother’s information sheet came in handy for me.

A mother’s information sheet is a one-page document which contains all the crucial
information that the nurses and doctors need to know about me, my pregnancy and
medical history.  Here’s the pdf document of the Mother’s Information Sheet I used: Mother’s Information Sheet (Clingy Mommy)

Birth Certificate Guide – My husband is not used to filling out forms because I normally do it for him (hah!).  To make sure he will not misspell our child’s name or my name or make any mistake that can cause problems in the accuracy of our child’s birth certificate, I have prepared a birth certificate guide that he will just copy (lucky him!).

Here’s a word template of the Birth Certificate Guide I used: Birth Certificate Reference


That’s it! Happy packing and have a safe delivery!

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