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Plan with Me | December 2017 Bullet Journal Layout

November is coming to an end, which means its time to prepare our bullet journal pages for the most wonderful time of the year – December a.k.a. the holiday season!

Since I am (very!) excited for the holidays, I went for a Christmas theme for my December layout. And since I am not an artist (obviously) and do not know how to do those beautiful calligraphy or watercolor designs that I see most bullet journal enthusiasts do on Instagram or Youtube, I chose to do a simple layout with Christmas doodles. 🙂


Moving on to the monthly spread, I wanted to test using a one-liner horizontal calendar this month since I don’t have a lot of work meetings or tasks this December.

In line with the holiday theme, I am doodling Christmas lights below the calendar. I am adding a couple of holidays as a sample of how I will use this monthly calendar.

December Bullet Journal Monthly Spread - Clingy Mommy

I went straight to my monthly goals page since I didn’t really fill-up the trackers in my last month’s bullet journal.  I used a simple snowflake design and I will be writing my monthly goals around it – family, friends, health, love, financial and career.

I added a seasonal page this month – my Christmas gifts list. I wanted a simple table where I can track all the gifts I needed to buy, as well as the budgeted and actual amounts I will incur for these.

Goals and Christmas Gifts Bullet Journal Page

Next, I included a Monthly Budget and Expense Tracker spread, which is one of the most useful parts of my bullet journal for me. As a mom, I need to make sure that our family is spending within our budget and that we always see where we can save.

Similar to the Christmas Gifts list, I wanted to keep this simple and straight forward by using a table and just decorating with a couple of Christmas doodles.

Monthly Budget and Expense Bullet Journal Spread - Clingy Mommy

For my weekly layout, I only had 3 days because I included the last week of November in the November section of my bullet journal.

For this layout, I wanted enough space to write down my tasks, events and appointments fday.

I also wanted a reminder of the monthly goals that I can reach that week and a space for tasks that I will carry over to next week.

December Weekly Bullet Journal Spread - Clingy Mommy

So that’s it! Happy Planning!

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