Review: Our Kidzoona (Uptown Mall, BGC) Experience

Kidzoona Uptown Mall Review

We have always wanted to make our daughter try Kidzoona whenever we would go to Uptown Mall but they were always reserved for birthday parties during several Saturdays the past couple of months.  Luckily,  they were open last Saturday so we were finally able to try the Kidzoona experience (yey!).

The admission fee is Php 300 for 1 child and 1 adult for playtime of 90 minutes.  Being clingy parents, we paid an extra Php 150 to for 1 more adult, so that both of us can go inside.

They provided us 2 lockers for our shoes and a locker for our bags.

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We got so excited when we entered as the place is huge! The first thing that got our attention was the big ball pool with a playground set and two types of slides – one for smaller children and another taller one for older kids.

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Next, we visited Role Play Town where our daughter got to “work” in an ice cream parlor, pizzeria and hospital among others.  They also had cute uniforms that kids can wear although I wasn’t keen on making my kid wear these as I am not sure how many sweaty kids have worn these before her (yikes!).

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Beside Role Play Town is a bouncy castle where our daughter jumped to her heart’s content.


There was also a toy corner where smaller kids can play with dollhouses, racetracks and other toys.

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On the right side is the cyber wheels area where two big inflatables can be rolled over while the bigger kids ride inside – kind of like hamster wheels.  Our daughter was much too scared to try this though but the older kids there had a blast here.


There was an arcade area but it only had one game at the moment.  It is located in a room which they also offer for their kiddie parties.


Kidzoona also had a parents’ area where I saw mostly parents of bigger kids waiting while their kids played.

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Tips on going around Kidzoona

Interested in visiting Kidzoona? Here are some tips to make your visit more enjoyable:

  1. Make sure to call ahead to find out if the place is closed for parties prior to going there.
  2. Go early or during weekdays if you want a smaller crowd.
  3. Don’t forget to wear or bring socks as these are required in Kidzoona.
  4. Watch your kids carefully (like a hawk!) if they are very young as there are older and bigger kids there who can accidentally bump into them while playing.  I also saw some unattended kids who fell in the ball pit area (ouch!).
  5. Visit the restroom first before going in as there are no restrooms inside Kidzoona.
  6. Make sure everyone is full before going in as the play hours are long (90 minutes minimum) and your child will most likely not want to leave even though you are already starving.
  7. Be ready to have fun!

We had such a blast in Kidzoona that we are definitely going back soon! You can check out their branches and rates on their website Have fun!

Kidzoona, owned by Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc., is available in present in 8 Asian countries and was opened in the Philippines last April 2014.  Their branch in Uptown Mall is one of the newer ones and was opened only last June 2016.

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