Renew and Get your Philippine Driver’s License in 6 Easy Steps

Woman Driving

My license was actually already expired by 4 months and I was already around 9 months pregnant when I decided to (finally!) renew my driver’s license.

Here’s my personal experience of how I renewed my license at LTO Paranaque (Olivarez Plaza). Basically, I was just renewing an expired license. I’m sharing this as the process will be different if you need to update your license information.


Step 1: Take the Medical Exam.

I arrived at LTO Paranaque at around 11:30am and was asked to take the medical exam as the first step. I paid P300 for the medical exam, which consisted of an eyesight, weight and height check. The area was airconditioned with plenty of seats.


Step 2: Submit the Medical Exam Results, along with your old license.

I was asked to proceed first to the information desk where my medical exam and old license was checked. After this, I was told to proceed to Window 1 to submit the medical exam results and old license.


Step 3: Have your Photo and E-signature Taken.

I waited around 15 to 20 minutes to be called due to system problems but there were plenty of seats and fans to make everyone waiting comfortable. The actual photo taking and e-signature processing was very fast and took less than 5 minutes.


Step 4: Pay the Renewal Fee.

I was directed to Window 9 for the payment and was asked to submit the receipt to Window 4B. You may refer to LTO’s page here <> for the fees.

Step 5: Have your fingerprint scanned.

I was asked to get a Dermalog Application form and a number at the Information Counter, which I submitted to Window 4B.

They scanned my fingerprint then took my photo and e-signature again. I wondered if I had to redo this due to the system error but the process was so fast that I didn’t mind.

Step 6: Validate your Information.

I was requested to enter the office, behind the counter, to check to double check the entries that will be printed on the license.

Step 7: Get your New Driver’s License.

After around an hour, I got my new driver’s license!

Here are 3 tips to make the process of renewing your driver’s license even more comfortable:

1. Check online reviews for the nearest comfortable and efficient LTO license renewal office near you. The nearest LTO Office to our house was actually LTO Pasay but it’s normally very cramped and hot plus they don’t have plenty of seats so you will most likely stand during the whole process (yikes!).

2. Arrive early in the morning or mid-afternoon. I arrived shortly before lunch, which meant that people who woke up late (like me haha) and renewing their licenses over lunchtime were also there. I read online reviews where their waiting time was shorter because they were there either early in the morning or mid-afternoon.

3. Bring water and snacks. I went there alone so I couldn’t go out and buy water when I was already very thirsty.

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