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My Bullet Journal Set-up for 2018

New year means new bullet journal! I’m so excited to share with you my 2018 bullet journal set-up.

I am using a Rhodia dotted web notebook for 2018. Its my first time using it and I am loving it so far. Good quality paper and no ghosting on most pens.

On the first page of the notebook, I just made a fun doodle inspired by a font I saw on Pinterest. I used a combination of gel and brush pens to color it.

2018 Doodle Clingy Mommy Bullet Journal Set-up

After the title, I wanted to start my bullet journal with quote to motivate me this year – something to remind me to stay positive and keep on dreaming. I used hgma fun and easy unicorn doodle and I used glittery gel pens to color it to give it a fun feel.

The next part of the bullet journal that I made is the Index. This will serve as the “Table of Contents” for my journal. I included a separate section for my calendars/monthlies and for my collections – for easy reference later on.

Never Stop Dreaming Quote and Index Page Clingy Mommy Bullet Journal Set-up

After the index is my 2018 calendar spread. On the left side, I added another unicorn doodle that says “Have a magical 2018” to add a fun touch to the spread.

Because I do not love writing a lot of numbers, I decided to print out the monthly calendars and just paste it on this page. I used brush pens to add hints of color to the page.

After my calendar is my future log where I will include birthdays and events. I decided to have 6 months per spread to have enough space for future events, appointments, holidays and birthdays.

Now let’s move on to the collection pages.

The first one I have is my 2018 Goals Spread to remind me of the things I want to achieve this year. I will actually use this as reference everytime I do the habit tracker and goals section of my monthly spreads.

My first goal trackers are for health – specifically for weight loss and my measurements. I have boxes that I will color in whenever I would lose weight until I have reached my target weight. As you can see, I have a lot to lose! 😊

The second one is for my measurements. Basically, I will take my measurements at the beginning and end of the year to be able to see the impact of my wieght loss target. I just drew an outline of wonderwoman in the middle for fun.

I also have a “crimson wave” aka period tracker to help me track aunt flo after giving birth.

For leisure, I included a Netflix and Books to Read trackers to help remind me to relax every now and then.

I also have a social media tracker, to help me check my growth on these platforms.

As for my financial goals, I made a savings tracker that will help me track my progress versus my target amount of savings.

That’s it! Hope this helped you in your planning for 2018!

Happy New Year!

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