My Breastfeeding Must Haves

I once read in that breastfeeding is 90% determination and 10% milk.  Yes, breastfeeding takes a lot of determination (maybe not 90% though haha), especially for moms like me who are not lucky enough to have an overflowing supply.  

If you’re like me, don’t give up!  Here’s a list of breastfeeding must haves that helped me power through until both my daughter and son are already beyond 2 years old.

Photo of Spectra 9

Breast pump

A must have if you’re a working mom like me to allow you to pump milk while at work and to build up your stash before you go back to work.

The breast pump I used for my eldest was the Medela Freestyle.  It was compact enough to fit in my regular bag, which allowed me to pump discreetly everywhere I needed to – in the office, car, coffee shops. Everywhere. It also comes with a portable milk cooler and ice packs, which helped save my milk even when I didn’t have access to a freezer during the day. I did notice that my milk supply eventually dwindled after a year with the Medela Freestyle.

For my second child, I purchased a Spectra S1 pump since I read that it is better to have a hospital grade pump if you need to maintain your milk supply and you are away from your child for most of the day.   I’m hoping this pump can help me maintain my milk supply longer.

Photos of Breastfeeding cover from Udder Covers
Udder Cover Breastfeeding Cover

Breastfeeding Cover

I am super shy (sometimes) so I used a breastfeeding cover during the first few months when I was nursing outside of our home.  I only got to use it with my baby during the first three months though because my daughter already started to kick and pull the cover when she got bigger.  After that, I used my covers when pumping.

Milk Bags and Bottles

I tried both milk bottles and milk bags when I was still pumping.  I used the bottles to store the milk during pumping (attached to the pump) and when transporting it home. I would keep the milk in the bottles if it will be consumed the following day but I would transfer it to milk bags if I plan to freeze it for my back-up stash.

For milk storage, I used the bottles that came with my Medela pump and bought NUK bags, which were very durable (no leaks!) and affordable too.

When it comes to milk bottles used by my baby, I used Avent Natural, which did not cause “nipple confusion” for my eldest.

Nursing Bras

Nursing Bras made breastfeeding and pumping such a breeze because you just have to unfasten the straps and you’re good to go.  There’s also a good pumping hack, where you just close your nursing bra around your pump and  you can do hands-free pumping!. This worked so well for me that I did not need to purchase a separate hands-free pumping bra (yey!).

Nursing Pillow

This made breastfeeding so convenient for me! It fit around my waist so I didn’t need to constantly re-adjust it unlike a regular pillow.  It also allowed me to have one hand free to text, surf the net or play mobile games, which I appreciated especially during the first few weeks when nursing took a looonngg time.

I used the Bossom Buddy nursing pillow, which I loved because it was very firm and gave enough support for my baby.  I also purchased the Boppy travel nursing pillow, which converts into a bag.  I used this when we were travelling since the Bossom Buddy was a little too big for travel.

Nice to haves

Milk Bombs by Bettina Carlos. Photo from

Lactation Aids/Treats

I loved that I was able to eat cookies that made me and my baby happy! Honestly, you don’t need this if you have enough supply for your baby.  I personally just liked it because it also helped me relax and enjoy pumping time more when I was at work.

There are great lactation cookie recipes in the internet such as this one but I also liked ordering from Milking Bombs when I didn’t have time to bake during weekends.

Breastfeeding Websites and Support Groups

I had so many questions when I breastfed for the first time. “How many hours before I breastfeed again?”, “This feels weird. Is this normal?”, “How many ounces should I pump?” and so on.  My favorite site to visit, which was full of Breastfeeding FAQs was

I also liked the “Breastfeeding Pinays” Facebook Group, where experienced breastfeeding moms and breastfeeding advocates provide a support system for nursing moms.

What about you? What were your must haves when you were breastfeeding?

My Bullet Journal Set-up for 2018

New year means new bullet journal! I’m so excited to share with you my 2018 bullet journal set-up.

I am using a Rhodia dotted web notebook for 2018. Its my first time using it and I am loving it so far. Good quality paper and no ghosting on most pens.

On the first page of the notebook, I just made a fun doodle inspired by a font I saw on Pinterest. I used a combination of gel and brush pens to color it.

2018 Doodle Clingy Mommy Bullet Journal Set-up

After the title, I wanted to start my bullet journal with quote to motivate me this year – something to remind me to stay positive and keep on dreaming. I used hgma fun and easy unicorn doodle and I used glittery gel pens to color it to give it a fun feel.

The next part of the bullet journal that I made is the Index. This will serve as the “Table of Contents” for my journal. I included a separate section for my calendars/monthlies and for my collections – for easy reference later on.

Never Stop Dreaming Quote and Index Page Clingy Mommy Bullet Journal Set-up

After the index is my 2018 calendar spread. On the left side, I added another unicorn doodle that says “Have a magical 2018” to add a fun touch to the spread.

Because I do not love writing a lot of numbers, I decided to print out the monthly calendars and just paste it on this page. I used brush pens to add hints of color to the page.

After my calendar is my future log where I will include birthdays and events. I decided to have 6 months per spread to have enough space for future events, appointments, holidays and birthdays.

Now let’s move on to the collection pages.

The first one I have is my 2018 Goals Spread to remind me of the things I want to achieve this year. I will actually use this as reference everytime I do the habit tracker and goals section of my monthly spreads.

My first goal trackers are for health – specifically for weight loss and my measurements. I have boxes that I will color in whenever I would lose weight until I have reached my target weight. As you can see, I have a lot to lose! 😊

The second one is for my measurements. Basically, I will take my measurements at the beginning and end of the year to be able to see the impact of my wieght loss target. I just drew an outline of wonderwoman in the middle for fun.

I also have a “crimson wave” aka period tracker to help me track aunt flo after giving birth.

For leisure, I included a Netflix and Books to Read trackers to help remind me to relax every now and then.

I also have a social media tracker, to help me check my growth on these platforms.

As for my financial goals, I made a savings tracker that will help me track my progress versus my target amount of savings.

That’s it! Hope this helped you in your planning for 2018!

Happy New Year!

Renew and Get your Philippine Driver’s License in 6 Easy Steps

My license was actually already expired by 4 months and I was already around 9 months pregnant when I decided to (finally!) renew my driver’s license.

Here’s my personal experience of how I renewed my license at LTO Paranaque (Olivarez Plaza). Basically, I was just renewing an expired license. I’m sharing this as the process will be different if you need to update your license information.


Step 1: Take the Medical Exam.

I arrived at LTO Paranaque at around 11:30am and was asked to take the medical exam as the first step. I paid P300 for the medical exam, which consisted of an eyesight, weight and height check. The area was airconditioned with plenty of seats.


Step 2: Submit the Medical Exam Results, along with your old license.

I was asked to proceed first to the information desk where my medical exam and old license was checked. After this, I was told to proceed to Window 1 to submit the medical exam results and old license.


Step 3: Have your Photo and E-signature Taken.

I waited around 15 to 20 minutes to be called due to system problems but there were plenty of seats and fans to make everyone waiting comfortable. The actual photo taking and e-signature processing was very fast and took less than 5 minutes.


Step 4: Pay the Renewal Fee.

I was directed to Window 9 for the payment and was asked to submit the receipt to Window 4B. You may refer to LTO’s page here <> for the fees.

Step 5: Have your fingerprint scanned.

I was asked to get a Dermalog Application form and a number at the Information Counter, which I submitted to Window 4B.

They scanned my fingerprint then took my photo and e-signature again. I wondered if I had to redo this due to the system error but the process was so fast that I didn’t mind.

Step 6: Validate your Information.

I was requested to enter the office, behind the counter, to check to double check the entries that will be printed on the license.

Step 7: Get your New Driver’s License.

After around an hour, I got my new driver’s license!

Here are 3 tips to make the process of renewing your driver’s license even more comfortable:

1. Check online reviews for the nearest comfortable and efficient LTO license renewal office near you. The nearest LTO Office to our house was actually LTO Pasay but it’s normally very cramped and hot plus they don’t have plenty of seats so you will most likely stand during the whole process (yikes!).

2. Arrive early in the morning or mid-afternoon. I arrived shortly before lunch, which meant that people who woke up late (like me haha) and renewing their licenses over lunchtime were also there. I read online reviews where their waiting time was shorter because they were there either early in the morning or mid-afternoon.

3. Bring water and snacks. I went there alone so I couldn’t go out and buy water when I was already very thirsty.

Doodle with Me | December Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

I love bullet journaling and I love (10x) the holidays so here is another post on December Bullet Journal planning, specifically on theme ideas that are easy to draw.

Below are three doodle theme ideas, inspired by the many beautiful doodles on Pinterest, that even non-artists like me can draw.

Let It Snow

The first theme is something I love to experience, especially since we don’t have it here in my country – snow!

Here are some easy snowflake doodles.

Doodle with Me December Bullet Journal Doodles (Snowflakes) - Clingy Mommy

Christmas Tree

The Christmas Trees is definitely a popular icon for the holidays that I can’t resist exploring the many fun ways of drawing it – from classic green to fun and colorful doodles.

Doodle with Me December Bullet Journal Doodles (Christmas Tree) - Clingy Mommy


Its the season of giving so gift doodles are definitely a must if you want a holiday theme for your bullet journal.

Doodle with Me December Bullet Journal Doodles (Gifts) - Clingy Mommy

That’s it! Happy doodling everyone. 🙂

Review: Our Kidzoona (Uptown Mall, BGC) Experience

We have always wanted to make our daughter try Kidzoona whenever we would go to Uptown Mall but they were always reserved for birthday parties during several Saturdays the past couple of months.  Luckily,  they were open last Saturday so we were finally able to try the Kidzoona experience (yey!).

The admission fee is Php 300 for 1 child and 1 adult for playtime of 90 minutes.  Being clingy parents, we paid an extra Php 150 to for 1 more adult, so that both of us can go inside.

They provided us 2 lockers for our shoes and a locker for our bags.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got so excited when we entered as the place is huge! The first thing that got our attention was the big ball pool with a playground set and two types of slides – one for smaller children and another taller one for older kids.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next, we visited Role Play Town where our daughter got to “work” in an ice cream parlor, pizzeria and hospital among others.  They also had cute uniforms that kids can wear although I wasn’t keen on making my kid wear these as I am not sure how many sweaty kids have worn these before her (yikes!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beside Role Play Town is a bouncy castle where our daughter jumped to her heart’s content.


There was also a toy corner where smaller kids can play with dollhouses, racetracks and other toys.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the right side is the cyber wheels area where two big inflatables can be rolled over while the bigger kids ride inside – kind of like hamster wheels.  Our daughter was much too scared to try this though but the older kids there had a blast here.


There was an arcade area but it only had one game at the moment.  It is located in a room which they also offer for their kiddie parties.


Kidzoona also had a parents’ area where I saw mostly parents of bigger kids waiting while their kids played.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tips on going around Kidzoona

Interested in visiting Kidzoona? Here are some tips to make your visit more enjoyable:

  1. Make sure to call ahead to find out if the place is closed for parties prior to going there.
  2. Go early or during weekdays if you want a smaller crowd.
  3. Don’t forget to wear or bring socks as these are required in Kidzoona.
  4. Watch your kids carefully (like a hawk!) if they are very young as there are older and bigger kids there who can accidentally bump into them while playing.  I also saw some unattended kids who fell in the ball pit area (ouch!).
  5. Visit the restroom first before going in as there are no restrooms inside Kidzoona.
  6. Make sure everyone is full before going in as the play hours are long (90 minutes minimum) and your child will most likely not want to leave even though you are already starving.
  7. Be ready to have fun!

We had such a blast in Kidzoona that we are definitely going back soon! You can check out their branches and rates on their website Have fun!

Kidzoona, owned by Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines Inc., is available in present in 8 Asian countries and was opened in the Philippines last April 2014.  Their branch in Uptown Mall is one of the newer ones and was opened only last June 2016.

Plan with Me | December 2017 Bullet Journal Layout

November is coming to an end, which means its time to prepare our bullet journal pages for the most wonderful time of the year – December a.k.a. the holiday season!

Since I am (very!) excited for the holidays, I went for a Christmas theme for my December layout. And since I am not an artist (obviously) and do not know how to do those beautiful calligraphy or watercolor designs that I see most bullet journal enthusiasts do on Instagram or Youtube, I chose to do a simple layout with Christmas doodles. 🙂


Moving on to the monthly spread, I wanted to test using a one-liner horizontal calendar this month since I don’t have a lot of work meetings or tasks this December.

In line with the holiday theme, I am doodling Christmas lights below the calendar. I am adding a couple of holidays as a sample of how I will use this monthly calendar.

December Bullet Journal Monthly Spread - Clingy Mommy

I went straight to my monthly goals page since I didn’t really fill-up the trackers in my last month’s bullet journal.  I used a simple snowflake design and I will be writing my monthly goals around it – family, friends, health, love, financial and career.

I added a seasonal page this month – my Christmas gifts list. I wanted a simple table where I can track all the gifts I needed to buy, as well as the budgeted and actual amounts I will incur for these.

Goals and Christmas Gifts Bullet Journal Page

Next, I included a Monthly Budget and Expense Tracker spread, which is one of the most useful parts of my bullet journal for me. As a mom, I need to make sure that our family is spending within our budget and that we always see where we can save.

Similar to the Christmas Gifts list, I wanted to keep this simple and straight forward by using a table and just decorating with a couple of Christmas doodles.

Monthly Budget and Expense Bullet Journal Spread - Clingy Mommy

For my weekly layout, I only had 3 days because I included the last week of November in the November section of my bullet journal.

For this layout, I wanted enough space to write down my tasks, events and appointments fday.

I also wanted a reminder of the monthly goals that I can reach that week and a space for tasks that I will carry over to next week.

December Weekly Bullet Journal Spread - Clingy Mommy

So that’s it! Happy Planning!

My Top Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Must Haves - Clingy Mommy Top Pregnancy Must Haves that will help you enjoy your pregnancy more!

Pregnancy was not such an easy experience for me.  It was filled with weird and funny surprises, from morning a.k.a. all-day sickness, stretched itchy skin, sore boobs and swollen feet.  Admittedly, there were times when I needed a little (a lot!) help to get through the day.

Thank goodness for these pregnancy essentials, which helped me enjoy my two pregnancies and get through it with my sanity intact.

A Photo of the What to Expect When You're Expecting Book
Get the What to Expect When You’re Expecting Book here

1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting – This was my “go-to book” during my first pregnancy when I was feeling clueless – which was all the time!  It informed me about what was happening to me and my baby and kept me from panicking when I was experiencing something new and different.

Photo of Babycenter App
Get the BabyCenter App at iTunes or Google Play

2. Pregnancy Apps – During my second pregnancy, I have to admit that I resorted more to apps when I wanted to get updates on my pregnancy.  There are some free apps that can help moms keep track of appointments, monitor weigh and maintain a checklist of the things I needed to buy for me and baby.

Photo of Palmers Tummy Butter
Get the Palmer’s Tummy Butter here

3. Palmer’s Tummy Butter and Bio Oil – My tummy gets so big when I am pregnant that people often ask me if I am carrying twins! Geez, thanks guys!  It also became so itchy and stretched but these helped me keep my paws from scratching my tummy 24/7.   It did help reduce the appearance of stretch marks during my first pregnancy but I am still waiting to see if it will work its magic for my second one.

Photo of Comfortable Teal Flats

4. Comfy Flats – Bye sky-high heels, hello ballet flats! I’m a high heels kind of gal so I only owned one pair of flats before I got pregnant. However, I started to really love flats because it gave the two loaves of bread, a.k.a. my feet, much needed comfort.

Photo of Maternity Pants

5. Maternity Leggings  / Pants – This was my “pregnancy uniform” when I can no longer squeeze into my pre-pregnancy shorts and jeans, which happened way sooner than I expected.

Photo of Human Nature Hand Sanitizer
Get the Human Nature Hand Saniter at

6. Scented Hand Sanitizer – This kept my hands clean AND provided me with a discreet way of smelling something pleasant when I find myself beside a person who isn’t exactly nostril-friendly – especially during the first trimester when I could smell everything!

Photo of Black Sports Bra

7. Sports Bras – My bra size went from non-existent to “woah!” just like that! Instead of buying maternity sleep bras, I resorted to using cheaper sports bras, which gave me much needed comfort while not breaking the bank.

How about you mommy? What were your pregnancy must-haves?

5 Easy Steps to get your PhilHealth MDR Form Online

I was already 8 months pregnant and preparing my documents for the hospital when I realized I needed to get a PhilHealth Member Data Record (MDR) Form to file a claim from PhilHealth.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and convenient it is to get one online.

Simply follow the 5 easy steps below:

Step 1: Go to the online registration page on PhilHealth’s website here.

Step 2: Fill out the information requested then click the submit registration button.

PhilHealth Online Registration Form

Step 3: Check your email for your pin, password and activation link.

How to Get a PhilHealth MDR Form Step 2

Step 3: Click the activation link to activate your account.  You will land on this confirmation page.

How to Get a PhilHealth MDR Form Step 3

Step 4: Proceed to the log-in page here and enter the pin and password from the email you received from PhilHealth.

Step 5: Click MDR Printing and you will be redirected to your MDR Form.

How to Get a PhilHealth MDR Form Online

And you’re done! I have to give credit to PhilHealth for the convenient online portal for their customers.  Wish that all government forms were this easy to get!

What’s in my Bag: Hospital Bag Checklist for Mommy and Daddy

Hospital-Bag-ChecklistHospital Bag Checklist - Clingy Mommy Find out the essentials you need to pack for the hospital

I have shared my hospital essentials for baby in my last post here and will now move on to sharing what we plan to bring for me and my co-pilot a.k.a. hubby.

Things to Pack for Mommy:
Adult Diapers – Yes, not just for the baby, but for me too! I plan to use disposable diapers over my own undies and maternity pads while in the hospital because I don’t want the hassle of bringing home bloody (Sorry TMI!) undies like the last time.  I prefer those that like underwear versus the taped kind so it feels closer to undies.

Going Home Outfit: Nursing bra, underwear, maternity pad and nursing dress – I normally just wear the hospital gown during our whole stay in the hospital andwould only use my own clothes when we are already about to go home.  I am bringing a very loose nursing/maternity dress because I tend to still look very pregnant even weeks after giving birth.

Breastpads – My milk actually came in late after my first childbirth – around 4-5 days after.  And I also did not leak very much.  However, I got a few free disposable breastpads during a baby fair so I will bring some just in case I get blessed with milk earlier this time around.

Abdominal Binder – I used this during my first childbirth and it helped me so much during my C-section recovery. It made made feel my C-section was protected, especially when coughing which can feel quite awkward post-op.

4 Socks – It can get really cold in Cardinal Santos Medical Center, the hospital where I will give birth, so I am bringing socks to keep my feet warm and comfortable.

Rubber Slippers / Flip-flops  – I will bring slippers that can be used for walking around the hospital and even in the hospital’s bathroom.

Nursing Cover – I’m bringing this for when I need to breastfeed my baby and I’m feeling a little shy to go semi-topless – i.e. In front of my hubby’s brothers or friends heehee

Towel and Toiletries – Simply to help me feel (or smell!) like a decent human being.  I’m bringing shampoo, soap, face wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and feminine wash.

Kikay Kit – I know, who’s got time right? haha But I’m still bringing a few products to help look decent for our first family photos together. I’m bringing concealer, powder foundation, blush/bronzer, eyeliner, lipstick, perfume, hair tie and comb.

Here are the hospital must haves for my co-pilot a.k.a. baby daddy.

Things to Pack for Daddy:

4 Sets of Clothes – My husband will stay in the hospital the whole time I am there so we will bring him enough comfortable clothes for his stay as well.

Pillows and a Blanket – The hospital couch will be his bed during his stay there so we will bring him pillows and a blanket to make him a bit more comfortable.

Phone Chargers – My hubby will be in charge of getting in touch with our family and friends during this time so I will pack the gadget chargers together with his things.

Fully Charged Camera – For our first family photos together, yey!

Snacks – Taking care of the newborn baby is going to be 24/7 starting from the hospital so its important to have a loads of snacks handy in case he gets hungry during wee hours of the morning.  We will also bring extra snacks for our daughter for when she visits us in the hospital during daytime.

Whew! That sounds a lot! What about you mommies? What will you bring in your hospital bags?

Check out the must have documents that we will bring to the hospital when I give birth here.

You can also download a printable version of the checklist here: Printable Hospital Bag Checklist

What’s in my Bag: Hospital Documents Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist - Clingy Mommy Find out the essentials you need to pack for the hospital

After going through what we will bring for baby, mommy and daddy, let’s go through the documents that I will be packing in my hospital bag.  Keep in mind that these requirements vary per hospital so it will be best to talk to your OB about what documents you will need to bring.

Admission Orders – Since I gave birth through C-Section for my eldest and will most likely have a scheduled C-Section for this pregnancy, I will get my admission orders from my OB during my last check-up prior to giving birth.

Birth Plan – A birth plan is a document that will let my medical team know my preferences for labor and delivery.  Make sure you share and discuss your birth plan with your OB during one of your check ups to ensure that you are aligned on your preferences.

Here is a great link to a birth plan worksheet that you can use in developing your own birth plan: Baby Center Birth Plan

PhilHealth Forms – Member Data Record (MDR) Form and Claim Form 1.  Make sure that part 4 of your Claim Form 1 has been filled out by your employer. Check out how you can easily request for your MDR form online here.

Valid IDs for Mommy and Daddy – I will bring our SSS IDs, Driver’s Licenses, PhilHealth IDs and a copy of our marriage license.

Mother’s Information Sheet – Upon admission to the hospital, you will get asked a lot of questions and you will get asked these questions repeatedly – your personal details, medical history, insurance and many more.  This is where the mother’s information sheet came in handy for me.

A mother’s information sheet is a one-page document which contains all the crucial
information that the nurses and doctors need to know about me, my pregnancy and
medical history.  Here’s the pdf document of the Mother’s Information Sheet I used: Mother’s Information Sheet (Clingy Mommy)

Birth Certificate Guide – My husband is not used to filling out forms because I normally do it for him (hah!).  To make sure he will not misspell our child’s name or my name or make any mistake that can cause problems in the accuracy of our child’s birth certificate, I have prepared a birth certificate guide that he will just copy (lucky him!).

Here’s a word template of the Birth Certificate Guide I used: Birth Certificate Reference


That’s it! Happy packing and have a safe delivery!

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